Monday, July 30, 2007

One Tree Hill: Season Five Coming Soon!

Good news! One Tree Hill is DEFINITELY coming back to the CW this upcoming Dec/Jan with an all new Season Five! After four successful seasons of the drama filled television series, it has been confirmed by Sophia Bush and The CW that One Tree Hill (OTH) WILL return this winter. Mark Schwahn, OTH creator, has planned for this season to go a bit differently than the rest. After the close knit group of high schoolers said their goodbyes at the River Court last season, Season Five plans to pick up after four years of the clan being separated. The season is supposely packed with details of everyone's time away: Peyton in LA, Lucas as a big brother and college, Nathan as a father and his basketball career, Haley as a mother, Brooke and her clothing line, Rachael, Mouth and more! Will Dan still be in jail? Where is Deb now? How is Karen and Lily? Whitey as a college coach? Find out soon in One Tree Hill: Season Five!!!!!

Here's a link to a sneak peak at Season Five as told by Chad Michael Murray! (website is in French, but the video is in English!)

Can't wait until Season Five? Get your OTH fixes by purchasing Season 1-3 at your local Wal-Mart, Target or through iTunes now! Parts of Season 4 are apparently also on iTunes as well and will be fully released on DVD this coming fall/early winter! Also available are the amazing tunes from the show featuring Bethany Joy Lenz on "When The Stars Go Blue" and "Halo," as well as the ever popular hit theme song "I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin DeGraw!

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sourav singla said...

One Tree Hill Episodes always comes up with something that can grab the attention of viewers. This time, the fight between Alex and Mia will work as the alluring element. The pleasant environment of the house will heat up with the argument of Alex and Mia.

sourav singla said...
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