Monday, June 25, 2007

Chicago Bears' Tank Johnson Cut From Team

The Chicago Bears have decided to part ways with Tank Johnson. This morning he was cut from the team following another recent off-field incident. This past Friday in Arizona, Johnson was pulled over for speeding and then cited for "being impaired to the slightest degree." This past March, he served 120 days in jail for violating probation from a gun charge in 2005. Now, Johnson was already suspended for the first eight games of this upcoming regular season and possibly reduced to six if particular conditions were, but after this situation, it seemed unlikely. Thus, Johnson was cut.

Personally, I am not exactly a happy camper right now. First of all, after being released from jail for good behavior, Johnson stated that he was wrong and his experience in jail made him want to change. Second, he was a big backbone to our growing team and the eight (potentially six) game suspension was already going to hurt us. Why would he even RISK it??? To my dismay, it looks like we are one man short before summer camp even begins. If we don't get our act together, we may not be back at the Super Bowl. In the meantime, goodbye Tank. Time to think about what you really want in life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is Google sexist?

I don't know, you tell me.

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Nancy Grace Gets ANGRY at the Control Room!!

I'm sure you've all seen Nancy Grace and her famous coverages of missing people and top celebrity news. Check out this recent video of Nancy Grace ANGRY at her colleague in the control room during a Paris Hilton jail coverage! HILARIOUS!!!!

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How to Get Lots of Diggs!

You've written or linked countless stories and received the occasional digg or two. Maybe your highest hasn't topped 10 yet, but others get hundreds within the first five minutes. How do they do it, you ask?

There are several reasons why this may happen.

First, your story may just not be good at all. If it's boring or not relevant, no one will digg it. People usually digg it if they like what they see and it is presented in an excellent manner.

Second, it may not be in the right category. Before I became familiar with the site, I chose whatever topics I wanted, even the videos category! Doing it that way not only will confuse people, but your blog (if it's not a video) will get lost in thousands of actual videos.

Third, your story is not unique. I preached about being unique to win American Idol on my TuningIn2Music blogger, and I'm going to say it again. If your story is unique and interesting, it's going to get hits.

Fourth, I don't want to admit it but people may have friends, colleagues or groups simply digging them just for the sake of digging and increasing their numbers. Unless you follow in their footsteps, I can't help you there.

Here are some tips to hopefully get your digg talent going!

1) Continue to look for THE latest news or stories. The newer the better. People are on it 24/7 so stay attune to the news!

2) Search around the website and see what people enjoy a lot. What are getting a lot of hits? I've noticed a lot of people enjoy pictures, funny, amazing and weird!

3) Build your credibility on a specific genre or topic such as video games, movies, celebrities, etc. If people notice your interest or passion in this area, they may be more inclined to come back and check up every once in awhile, and possibly become a regular of your posts!

4) Make friends! Read their posts and if you like them, digg them and friend them. As long as the friendship stays exclusively to, it can't hurt right? Connections will form!

5) Get your friends and family to digg it just to boost your name and credibility. Plus, it looks better than that silly sad!

Got any other tips? Give them here!

Good luck Diggers!

Top 10 Stress Relievers, Plus Videos!

You usually can find me stressing out. I do it a lot. But lately, I've been able to handle it in a more productive manner, such as working out, reading or scrapbooking. It takes my mind off things. But here's a top 10 list of dealing with stress. It's pretty helpful!

Then, check out the following videos of Seinfeld on stage. Even if you're not a fan of his show, I can pretty much guarantee a smile on your face if not a laugh or two. (I find it hilarious).

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Candy Cigarettes May Lead to Cancer

Yes. Those delicious flavorful candy pieces we all bought when we were younger has now been linked to smoking (which MAY lead to cancer!). To make it short, researchers have found that by manufacturing "fake" cigarettes, it indirectly encourages youngsters to purchase the real thing later on in life. Read the rest of the article below and tell me what you think. Should candy cigarettes be taken off the market or kept on the shelves?;_ylt=AnmZsx83pKulqwEgAufoAEnq188F

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Chicago Bears '06-'07 Highlights

I've been working on this blog for a little bit now and I haven't even talked about or even mentioned my HUGE passion: the Chicago Bears. I am a DIE-HARD Chicago Bears fan. For the past several years, I've watched every single Bears game. I actually schedule things around the Bears game, not vice versa. I'd like mention that our punt returner, Devin Hester, really is ridiculous. If you don't believe me, check out this video and then try to argue.

Also, before I forget, the Chicago Bears did an amazing job this year and landed themselves in the Super Bowl. I'm not worried because we'll be right back there..... as my saying goes, it's "The Road to Heaven in '07." I believe it. Do you?

**If you like the first song, let me know! I actually interviewed the band called Big Hit Buda!

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Standing At the Very Edge of a Mountain (Pic!)

I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria in the spring of 2006. Here I am in Bad Gastein, a small town in Austria, after spending all day climbing up the mountain....yes, that's right I'm in the Alps! Technically, if I took a few more steps, yes, I would be off the mountain. Tell me what you think! (Click on the pic for a larger view!)

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Do Not Try This At Home -- Virtual Use Only!

Find out what happens when RANDOM items are placed into the microwave....DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Can't Change Stupidity (Pics)

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Simon Cowell's View on Six-year-old's voice!

Connie Talbot, a six-year-old British native, sings in front of Simon and two other judges during a Britain's Got Talent reality show. Check out the video below well!

Big Bird On Steroids!

In Beijing, paleontologists have discovered the fossil remains of Big Bird. And I mean a BIG BIRD! The apparent speciman is about 26 feet long and weighed 3,000 pounds!! That means they were as big as meat-eating dinos like T-Rex himself!

Check out the link for yourself!

Picture of Big Bird Here!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's Your Car's Name??

So, I'm sitting here at work when an annoying car alarm goes off for several minutes. Fortunately, it's not mine, but one of my colleagues did have to test his alarm to make sure! Once on the topic of cars, I asked a friend what his car's name was.

Seriously. Every car has a name. Whether you admit it or not, you have called your car something other than "my blazer," "my mustang" or "my Chevy."

My friend looked at me and finally said : "Laser." Clever. (Nice impromptu answer.)

But I want to know what other's name their car. We can make it a contest....see who has the best, original and creative name for their car. Explain if you must. :)

As for me, my car is none other than my Silver Charm.

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